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Shipments of Internet-Enabled TVs grew 125% in 2010

Electronics industry market research firm iSuppli recently published a report on Internet-enabled TVs (IETVs) that has some very exciting implications for the Yahoo! Connected TV platform. According to the report, 27.7 million IETVs will be shipped in 2010- a 125% increase from 2009! Shipments of IETVs will increase at double-digit rates until 2014 and at that time there will be more than 148.3 million units in market and will account for 54% of total flat panel TVs in market.



“Dodge believes a QWERTY keyboard, and ideally a physical keyboard rather than virtual one, will be needed to encourage people to interact fully with the TV service. A physical keyboard is preferable because virtuals have not been well received because they are time consuming, he explains”



“ The focus on podcasts and other types of web content is definitely good news for web video makers, and it looks like Google TV could actually make watching these types as shows just as easy, if not easier, than regular TV”
Watch the embedded video at the bottom of the article…here is the case, as plain as day, for the Phantom Lapboard as the primary Internet TV peripheral!



“Sky Television bosses have revived the push into internet TV as new subscriber uptake slows and new competitors appear on the horizon.”



“ Apple will launch an internet-enabled “connected HDTV” some time in the next two to four years that will bring its iTunes music and movie download service directly to the living room.”



I am more and more convinced that without the proper Internet TV peripherial, the end user will struggle with adoption.


“Users would need to buy a TV or set-top box with Google software that could connect to the Internet, along with a keyboard to type commands.”



“The three-year-old service, backed by some of the most powerful companies in entertainment including GE, Disney and News Corp., could hold its initial public offering this year.”
As I have said before the market will move to the Phantom Lapboard, its just a matter of timing now.


“As internet video service is the new trend, hybrid Web-to-TV, STBs market worldwide will reach Rs.6,105.95 crore ($1.3 billion )by 2014, bringing a new set of Internet services to TV sets, according to In-Stat.”
The market will come to the Phantom Lapboard, just need to keep working to get it out with resellers and other partners. Those who wont return a call will have a change of heart very soon!



New flats screens hitting the market to support Internet TV! Phantom Lapboards are READY!!!


Google TV is an open platform that seamlessly integrates multichannel television with rich web media content. DISH customers using their existing HD DVR receivers and a Google TV device will be able simultaneously search for content across DISH Network, the Internet and their DVRs. They can overlay online content related to television shows, movies, actors and more and also hyperlink web content back to multichannel TV.



The Internet is coming to television with or without Google. Apple is also rumored to be developing an update to its Apple TV, which could follow the same premise of bringing movie and TV shows to the living room via the Internet.