Couch Gaming with the Phantom Lapboard

The time has finally come! Companies like OnLive & Valve now offer cloud gaming through the TV with a MicroConsole or workstation configuration. Now a long term gaming session can be done in the comfort of the couch with the added large screen display of your HDTV. The only problem: how do you couch compute with the full functionality of a keyboard and mouse?

The Phantom Lapboard’s unique patented design allows the end user the only solution in the world for couch gaming in any position even for both lefties and righties. Cloud computing has entered the living room so whether you are couch gaming, using Internet TV or an HTPC the Phantom Lapboard is your input device “where you want it and when you want it”.

Turn on UT3, sit back and use your Phantom Lapboard to blast the enemy to pieces!





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