Phantom Entertainment is not the company of 2002 - We are a new breed of workers with the expectation to see that the phantom lapboard becomes a success.

Phantom Entertainment has developed and is marketing its first product the Phantom Lapboard, a combination wireless keyboard, laser mouse and hard surface that makes it easy for you to work or play games from your couch, easy chair or any other comfortable setting in your home or workplace.


Unlike other wireless keyboard and mouse combos the Phantom Lapboard allows for full functionality of a keyboard and mouse without being docked to a coffee table. As the Set Top Box and Media Center Servers allow the consumer to easily interact with TV Channels, Games, DVD, DRV, MP3 and the coming Internet accessibility, it’s the Phantom lapboard that allows for a full featured user interface


Phantom Entertainment will provide ground breaking peripherals for Media Center and Gaming consumers.


Products: Phantom Lapboard $129.99 USD

available in ivory white and midnight black.



Phantom Lapboard Unboxing Videos

---- VIDEO ONE <---- CLick to View!

----- Video Two <---- CLick to View! - Remember the Phantom gaming console saga? You know the gaming system that promised the world and eventually turned into vapor besides the clever lapboard? Well, the company is still around and actually have a chance to make a comeback thanks to Google TV.


missingremote.COM - "I can positively say that in the case of the Phantom Lapboard, form follows function. They sought to create a keyboard and mouse that could be used for gaming or multimedia usage from the couch and came up with an unique designed that allowed you do to just that."

HOTHARDWARE.COM - If you're looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse for an HTPC that's also used for gaming, the Phantom Lapboard is worth serious consideration.


ZiggyTeK -" The idea is so simple and useful that I am perplexed as to why there are not more of them around: a compact wireless keyboard and mouse combo designed to work on your lap for couch typing/gaming/music listening/film viewing sessions."
 - " Phantom have created a product which deserves a place in any discerning enthusiasts home. It is beautifully crafted, looks stunning (especially in white) and it requires no painful installations or driver updates to work on all the major operating systems available today. " ... who would thoroughly enjoy the Phantom Lapboard is a gamer who games from the couch, with one hand for mousing and one for keying. "


The new york times - " The lapboard allows you to have complete and full keyboard and mouse interaction from just about any type of position,” “...You can use it as a lefty or righty.”