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Introducing the Phantom Lapboard; an innovative portable wireless multimedia keyboard created for the Internet TV revolution. Be on the inside track and get one today...


"The Phantom Lapboard is one of those fabled legends of the gadget world, a keyboard and mouse that you can use comfortably on a couch." - Gizmodo


The Phantom Wireless Lapboard and The Phantom Wireless Laser Mouse together are a combination wireless keyboard and mouse where the keyboard opens to a hard mousing surface at adjustable rotating angles, that enables users to work or play from a couch, easy chair or any comfortable setting for Internet TV, IPTV Set-Top Box, HTPC or Gaming.


The Phantom Lapboard is the only wireless computer peripheral which allows the consumer to use a "mobile desktop"; the hardware combination is designed to allow full control of the keyboard and mouse without the need to be sitting upright at a desk. The Phantom Lapboard includes wireless technology, ergonomic design, one-touch features, and a wireless high definition 1200 dpi laser mouse. In addition, the Phantom Lapboard also rotates for left and right handed users and inclines up to a 22 degree angle with a hard surface support for the Phantom mouse that is designed for Internet TV, IPTV Set-Top Box, game-specific and business software applications on PC, Mac, PS3, Boxee and other Google TV platforms.

With the Internet TV revolution launching this year, the Phantom Lapboard provides consumers with the ability to use this exciting new technology to its fullest potential, not being docked to a table, trackball or touch pad. Consumers can easily utilize all the features of the new Internet TV user interface, which will now marry the television and the internet, from the couch or bed using the Phantom Lapboard.


"We at Phantom Entertainment have believed for years that the set-top box would become the primary entry portal for content from TV, internet, games, movies, music and email. The Phantom Lapboard now fills that need for the consumer to interact with the new user interface and enjoy


"this amazing new technology from wherever any flat screen TV and set-top box is located; living room or bedroom" says John Landino Phantom Entertainment's CEO




10 27 2011 - In Summary I would have to say that the I feel the Phantom Lapboard
is an essential purchase for anyone using OnLive with a Microconsole.
It offers unparalled control and convience without sacraficing gameplay.
If you wan't to experience OnLive to it's fullest you need to give the
Phantom Lapboard a serious look!

Glenn Giersdorf

>> Watch VIDEO Here <<


10 19 2011 - The Phantom Lapboard Just May be a Perfect Fit For OnLive Gamers - http://onlivefans.com/news/the-phantom-lapboard-just-may-be-a-perfect-fit-for-onlive-gamers/3727/


-I have to say that the Phantom lapboard works really well with OnLive. I was a bit worried that having the keyboard resting on your lap while simultaneously using the mouse would cause the lapboard to move around too much, but that wasn’t the case at all. The keyboard is very sturdy, and when you want to put it away, you press a rubber button on the side of the keyboard, and the clamshell lapboard collapses into one piece that easily fits in your entertainment center.


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07 15 2011 - 8 productivity-boosting gadgets for media junkies http://gigaom.com/collaboration/8-productivity-boosting-gadgets-for-media-junkies/


12 06 2010 - Phantom Lapboard Unboxing Videos

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBoVgAJV0eo

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUd-cx1Oxe4


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10 05 2010 - crunchgear.com - Remember the Phantom gaming console saga? You know the gaming system that promised the world and eventually turned into vapor besides the clever lapboard? Well, the company is still around and actually have a chance to make a comeback thanks to Google TV.


07 19 2010 - missingremote.COM - "I can positively say that in the case of the Phantom Lapboard, form follows function. They sought to create a keyboard and mouse that could be used for gaming or multimedia usage from the couch and came up with an unique designed that allowed you do to just that."


07 06 2010 - HOTHARDWARE.COM - If you're looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse for an HTPC that's also used for gaming, the Phantom Lapboard is worth serious consideration.


06 06 2010 - ZiggyTek Review - Gadget of the Week: Phantom Lapboard Keyboard and Mouse


05 30 2010  Phantom Lapboard in About.com’s Father’s Day Gift Guide!


05 25 2010  another shippment of Lapboards Arrive today.


05/22 5/23 2010 The Phantom Lapboard made an appearance at the Intel LANFest Presented by LPANE over the weekend of May 22-23, 2010. I made this video to show you all how well it has been received. - CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05 16 2010  Phantom Entertainment launches new website, Things are finally starting to come together in 2010      

05 07 2010  Today we received the elusive Black Phantom Lapboard, an endangered species but we plan on releasing them to the wild to multiply...      

02 26 2010 Well good riddance to 2009 for Phantom Entertainment! And welcome 2010 and the “next” shipment of Phantom Lapboards!!